Fabiola Jean-Louis

Fabiola Jean-Louis

In her own words:

“I have an obsession with exposing what lies beneath the surface. It is my constant examination of the spirit, and no doubt - my intense curiosity with the cycle of life and death.

“Fabiola Jean-Louis was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti on September 10th, 1978 and moved to Brooklyn, NY at a young age. Her work grew to include other subjects, and costumes, as well as sculptures made entirely out of paper. Today, her practice is focused on experimentation through the use of different techniques, and disciplines. “

“While her images have been described as "magical, moody, and mysterious", Fabiola's body of work is also that of visual activism as she challenges the hegemony of society.”

On her Exhibition: “Rewriting History”, Tanner West of

“The series speaks to the shocking treatment of Blacks throughout history and the trauma inflicted on their bodies as juxtaposed with the abstract idea of Black freedom. Simultaneously, it engages with a vision of the future—one of hope, strength, resilience, and beauty.”

According to her IG account, Jean-Louis says: I often get asked why I choose to work with paper. There are many reasons. Paper represents the fragility of our society, and of certain people. It also represents the underestimated strength of some "others". I don't know any other material that changes meaning, and shapes the world like paper. In one instance, it is an annoying candy wrapper, the next - pages in a book, the next - dollar bills, the next - our constitution...It is both insignificant and significant. I don't know that I'll ever stop working with this amazing material.”

Finally, Fabiola Jean-Louis remarks that: “My work always centralizes around the black and brown female body, and it’s looking at society–our place in society…”

To me, Fabiola Jean-Louis’ work embodies the multi-dimensional, enigmatic, powerful, beauty, strength, grace and self-determination of the enslaved Africans to the Haitian souls of today.

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Visit her website for more: @fabiolajeanlouis

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