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Drop us a note if you’ve used art therapy or you are an art therapist. Did you know that Georgette Seabrooke Powell was one of the earliest proponents of using art in therapy?

According to Michelle Black Smith, “Troubled by the increasing homelessness seen on the streets of D.C. in the 70s and 80s due to shrinking mental health resources, and growing populations of war veterans and the unemployed, Georgette turned to her artwork to express her sympathy and outrage.”at-the-feet-of-a-master-what-georgette-seabrooke-powell-taught-me-about-art-activism-and-the-creative-sisterhood

“Powell considers art to be healing—from her murals in New York City hospitals to her work as an art therapist at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC.”

In her words: community was “a flexible and encompassing term that defines relationships with family, friends, fellow artist, neighbors . . .”

We celebrate Georgette Seabrooke Powell and all art educators and art therapists today!

Thank you for your compassion and service to man.






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Turnier is a Haitian artist who along with other artists affiliated with the Le Centre d’Arts in Haiti, including Albert Mangones, Gerald Bloncourt, Maurice Borno, Rigaud Benoit, Hector Hyppolite, Daniel Lafontant, formed the nexus of the Haitian Art Movement. The period between 1946 and 1950, encompassing the early years of Turnier's artistic work, is also called "The Haitian Renaissance."Unfortunately, during the age of McCarthyism in the 1940s-50s many works by Haiti’s modernist artists was labelled as communist. Benson, LeGrace (1996). "Three Presentations of the Arts of Haiti (A Review Article)".

She was one of the few women founders of the Centre d’Art in Haiti.

Turnier painted abstract market scenes and other works depicting common people and the complexities of gender, class and colorism in Haiti. "Introduction: Art as Caribbean Feminist Practice". Small Axe: A Caribbean Journal of Criticism.

According to, Haitian artists were seen as simple and primitive, unaware of any broader art world context. These artists were also overwhelmingly male. As a woman, and as an artist whose work spoke to modernism, Luce never won the same recognition or success as other Centre d'Art painters.

She expressed a preference for painting people when in Haiti and landscapes when in France. She also worked with collages.

She lived and studied in France and New York.

In her own words, when asked about who and where her inspiration comes from. “ I don’t have any concept or philosophy, it’s just instinct…I work with my eyes and my feelings…in my work texture is very important to me. I play with texture.”

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